In his statement, John Hawley claims that the Endowment ceremony in Salt Lake City had an oath to avenge Joseph Smith's death.

Speech / Court Transcript
John Pierce Hawley

John Hawley's statements, as recorded in Abtract of Evidence Temple Lot Case. U.S.C.C. (Lamoni, Iowa: Herald Publishing House and Hindery, 1893), 453

Herald Publishing House
John Pierce Hawley, Lyman Wight
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Lyman Wight only gave the endowments in respect to the matter of the washing of the feet, and (in Utah) they gave the endowments of washing and anointing, and then there was an oath in Utah to avenge the blood of the prophet. That was a part of the endowment that was given in Salt Lake City. The endowments in Salt Lake City were given in the endowment hose as they called it, which was arranged especially for conferring these ceremonies, reserved entirely for that service. The endowments that Lyman Wright gave us were the washing of feet, and sealing a man's wife to him for eternity. I can't repeat that ceremony, but it was sealing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for time as well as eternity. There were no other obligations than that, nothing more than sealing for time and eternity, that was all there was to it. It related purely to matrimonial affairs and that was all the endowments that Lyman Wight ever gave.

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The Endowment ceremony in Salt Lake City had an oath to avenge JS's death

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