Hymn (in the 1869 hymnal) teaching that the blood of those slaughtered pleads before God for vengeance.


Hymn 284 in Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs. For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (13th ed.; London: L.D. Saints' Book Depot, 1869), 329-30

L.D. Saints' Book Depot
Latter-day Saints

1 Awake, ye Saints of God, awake! Call on the Lord in mighty prayer, That he will Zion's bondage break And bring to naught the fowler's snare. 2 He will regard his people's cry, The window's tear, the orphan's moan; The blood of those that slaughtered lie, Pleads not in vain before His throne! 3 Though Zion's foes have counselled deep, Although they bind with fetters strong, The God of Jacob does not sleep; His vengeance will not slumber long. 4 Then let your souls be stayed on God A glorious scene is drawing nigh; Though tempests gather like a flood, The storm, though fierce, will soon pass by. 5 With constant faith and fervent prayer, With deep humility of soul, With steadfast mind and heart prepare To see th'eternal purpose roll. 6 Our God in judgment will come near, His mighty arm he will make bare; For Zion's sake he will appear; Then O, ye Saints, awake, prepare! 7 Awake to righteousness, be one, Or saith the Lord, you are not mine! Yea, like the Father and the Son, Let all the Saints in union join.

BHR Staff Commentary

Hymn (1869 hymnal) speaking of how the peoples' deliverance from oppression is near and that the Gentiles will bow beneath the rod of God. Often cited by critics as evidence of how violent the Church was under BY's presidency.

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