George A. Smith writes that migrants acted in an antagonistic, sometimes even violent, fashion towards LDS and Indians.

Jan 6, 1858
George A. Smith

George A. Smith, Letter to John Lyman, January 6, 1858, CR 100 38, Church History Library

George A. Smith
William M. Wall, George A. Smith, John Lyman Smith
John Lyman Smith

As you are aware the Emigrants have made a business of shooting down the Indians of the Desert for many years. The same game was carried on this season by a Company from Arkansas; [on] the Santa Clara. Indians gathered and surrounded the Company and fought them for several days. It is rumored that one hundred of the Company were killed, the loss of the Indians is unknown, but must have been considerable, as the company fortified themselves with their Wagons, and made a Spirited defence. Wm. M. Wall who has just returned from Australia, passed over the ground where the engagement occurred says if he had commend of the emigrant party he believes he could have whipt one thousand Indians. It was a terrible vengeance, and the first time they have ever taken such a step. It has rendered the greatest caution necessary even for our people to pass through their country, notwithstanding we have always treated them with the greatest kindness. The Indians spared the lives of the children, which have since been ransomed, and cared for by some of the Southern settlers, who speak the Indian language.

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