John D. Lee gives the day of the Mountain Meadows Massacre as a Friday (corresponding to September 11, 1857).

John Doyle Lee

John D. Lee, Mormonism Unveiled: Or, the Life and Confessons of John D. Lee (St. Louis: Bryan, Brand & Company, 1877), 237, 243

Bryan, Brand & Company
John M. Higbee, Samuel Knight, Daniel McFarland, John Doyle Lee, Isaac C. Haight
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The Council broke up a little after daylight on Friday morning. All the horses, except two for the men to ride to overtake those who might escape, and one for Dan McFarland to rise as Adjutant, so that he could carry orders from one part of the field to another, were turned out on the range. Then breakfast was eaten, and the brethren prepared for the work in hand. . . . Knight lied when he said I went to the ranch and ordered him go to the field with his team. I never knew anything of his team, or heard of it, until he came with a load of armed men in his wagon, on the evening of Thursday. If any one ordered him to go to the Meadows, it was Higbee. Every witness that claims that he went to the Meadows without knowing what he was going to do, has lied, for they all knew, as well as Haight or any one else did, and they all voted, every man of them, in the Council, on Friday morning, a little before daylight, to kill all the emigrants.

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