Wilford Woodruff's account of Brigham Young visiting the area of Mountain Meadows where the massacre took place.

May 25, 1861
Personal Journal / Diary
Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff, Journal, May 25, 1861, MS 1352, Church History Library

Wilford Woodruff
Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff
Wilford Woodruff

25 A vary Cold morning. Much Ice on the Creek. I wore my great Coat & mittens. We visited the Mountain Meadow Monument put up at the burial place of 120 persons killed by Indians in 1857. The pile of stone was about 12 feet high, but begining to tumble down. A wooden Cross was placed on top with the following words: Vengence is mine and I will repay saith the Lord. President Young said it should be Vengence is mine and I have taken a little. A stone at the bottom bore the following Inscription: 120 Men, women, & Children, Murdered in Cold Blood Early in Sept 1857 From Arkansaw. And on the other Side South is a slab Erected by Company K 1st Dragoons May 1859. Most of those killed were buried some distance North in a hollow & not at that monument. We left & drove down the Canyon and in a few hours ride we passed over the rim of the Bason about 15 miles South of the Mountain Meadow Monument we came to a vary Choice wild fruit on Bushes about 4 feet high about the size of a crambury. The flavor when ripe is betwen a crambury & strawbury. They are not ripe untill Oct. Some of this fruit also grows betwen Tokerville & pocketville the ownly places I have seen it in Utah, or in the world. It has a small prickery leaf resembleing the Southern Live oak. We soon came to warm weather so we had to strip to our shirt sleeves. The Couler of the above fruit was yellow but when ripe deep red. We past gunlook fort & Camped for the night. Distance 35 miles.

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WW's account of BY visiting the area of Mountain Meadows where the massacre took place

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