Affidavit of Hamilton G. Park (steward to Brigham Young during 1850s) from 1907. Brigham ordered the emigrants not to be attacked.

Oct 1907
Hamilton G. Park

Hamilton G. Park, affidavit, Salt Lake City, October 1907, as found in the Collected material concerning the Mountain Meadows Massacre, 1859-1961, MS 2674, Church History Library

Hamilton G. Park
Brigham Young, Hamilton G. Park, James Holt Haslam, John Doyle Lee

TESTIMONY OF HAMILTON G. PARK. For many years I was President Brigham Young's steward and during that time it was my custom to call on him in his office to report and to receive instructions from him in relation to business affairs. On one of these calls, as I approached the President's Office, I observed a spirited horse, saddled and bridled, and hitched to a post near the outer gate. As I reached the office and took hold of the door, it opened from within and a man came out dressed in the riding costumes of these days. He was equipped with leather leggings and large Spanish spurs and had a small rawhide riding whip in his hand. Close behind him was President Young. Seeing at a glance that the President was sorely troubled, I stepped aside, without speaking, to let them pass. President Young, as he came out of the office door, addressed this man with great feeling, saying: "Brother Haslam, I want you to ride for dear life; ride day and night; spare no horse flesh; that company must be protected and guarded out of the territory if it requires all the men in Iron County to do it." As the man thus addressed paused a moment to adjust the saddle girth on his horse, President Young repeated this emphatic command. The man then sprang into the saddle and shot off like an arrow down Theatre Hill and was soon out of sight. President Young went back into his office with troubled face and bowed head, without noticing me. I did not understand what I had seen and heard until I entered the adjoining office and enquired of James Jack who the first rider was and where he was going, when I obtained the information that he was James Haslam and that he was on his way to Iron County with instruction that a company of emigrants then in Southern Utah and bound for California were to be protected and assisted on their way.

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