Collins R. Hakes, an eyewitness to John Doyle Lee's execution, recounts Lee's last words in 1877.

Apr 26, 1916
Collins R. Hakes
Scribed Verbatim

Collins R. Hakes, affidavit, Maricopa County, Arizona, April 26, 1916 in Collected material concerning the Mountain Meadows Massacre, 1859-1961, Church History Library, MS 2674

Maricopa County Court
Collins R. Hakes, Brigham Young, Daniel H. Wells, George A. Smith, John Doyle Lee
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That on the 23d day of March, 1877, at Mountain Meadows, Washing County, Utah, he witnessed the execution of John D. Lee. That he stood directly in front of said John D. Lee when said John D. lee was asked by the United States Marshall if he had anything to say before being executed, and heard the said John D. Lee say the following: "I have not much to say. I am not afraid to die. I never expect to set in any worse place than I am in now or in any worse condition. I have one deep regret and that is to leave my wives and children on the mercies of this cold world. (Here tears came to his eyes, and after a short pause he continued.) There is Brigham Young, George A. Smith and Daniel H. Wells, leaders of the Mormon Church, with whom I have been acquainted all my life. I have traveled with them, stood guard over them, I have kept them at my house, I have been with them at their homes, and we have been the most intimate of friends. Now in my time of trouble they do not come to comfort me. Now I have said all I care to say. I am ready to meet my doom."

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