Franklin D. Richards, as brigadier general, showing the determination to fight if necessary.

Aug 6, 1857
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Franklin D. Richards
Scribed Verbatim

Comments of Franklin D. Richards, August 6, 1857, to the officers serving under him in the 2d Brigade, 1st Division. Transcription taken from Juanita Brooks, The Mountain Meadows Massacre (2d ed.; University of Oklahoma Press, 1991), 20-21

Nauvoo Legion Minutes
Franklin D. Richards
Nauvoo Legion

We have experienced the repeated desolation of our homes. Our women have been ravished. Our prophets and brethren have been imprisoned and murdered, & the people en masse have been exterminated from their midst. We have appealed to Judges [?] and Governors of those States for redress of our wongs in vain, and when we applied to the Presidents of the United States for our rights we were told “your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you.” We now appeal to the God of our Fathers & Prophets for protection against the hostilities of any Mob that shall invade our Territory, and invoke the aid of the heavens to strengthen us in defending ourselves against further aggressions. You are required to hold your Regiments in readiness to march at the shortest possible notice to any portion of the Territory. See that the law is strictly enforced in regard to arms and ammunition and cause that each Ten be provided with a good wagon four hourses or mules, or Oxen) where horses or mules cannot be had) as well as the necessary clothing rations. Tents & c. for a winter campaign to make immediate returns to this office of the men in each Ten who have charge of the Wagon animals Tent &c. Let your influence be diligently employed for the preservation of the grain and report without delay any person in your District that dispose of a Kernel of grain to any Gentile merchant or temporary sojourner, or duffers it to go to waste . . . The opportunities that occur of obtaining arms & ammunitions for the passing emigrants should not escape your carefull attention. Finally avoid all excitement and be Ready!

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