Transcript of William Bishop's questioning of his client John Doyle Lee in Mormonism Unveiled.

John Doyle Lee
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John Doyle Lee, Mormonism Unveiled; or, The Life and Confessions of the late Mormon bishop, John D. Lee (St. Louis: Bryan, Brand & Company 1877), 369, 375-76

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William Bishop, Jacob Hamblin, John Doyle Lee
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Question by Howard—What else did [Lee] mention? [Hamblin:] He mentioned my brother [Oscar Hamblin being there, bringing some Indians there. Sent him word of this affair taking place, and for him to go and get the Indians, and bring up the Clara Indians. [Howard:] Your brother, then, brought the Indians to the Meadows, and then left there? [Hamblin:] Yes, he told me so . . . Question by Bishop: Have you ever given a report of [the massacre] to any of your superiors in the church, or officers over you? [Hamblin:] Well, I did speak of it to President Young and George A. Smith. [Bishop:] Did you give them the whole facts? [Hamblin:] I gave them more than I have here, because I recollected more of it. [Bishop:] When did you do that? [Hamblin:] Pretty soon after it happened. [Bishop:] You are certain that you gave it fuller than you have told it here on the stand? [Hamblin:] I told everything I could . . . [Bishop:] Have you told it all? [Hamblin:] No, sir, I have not. [Bishop:] Then tell it. [Hamblin.]—I will not undertake that now. I would not like to undertake it.

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