Wilford Woodruff, in a sermon delivered 16 days after MMM, shows his support to go do war if necessary.

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Wilford Woodruff
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Wilford Woodruff, "Blessings—Trials—Obedience to Counsel, Etc.," Journal of Discourses, 26 vol. (Liverpool: Asa Calkin, 1858), 5:270

Asa Calkin
Wilford Woodruff
Latter-day Saints

We have had to stoop to our enemies heretofore and bear many things from them worse than death; but if there is anything that gives us joy and consolation—at least I can speak for myself—it was when I heard the Brethren say, “You are free, brethren—you are free; and you may prove yourselves before God and man that you are willing to defend yourselves against tyrants and oppressors.”

When I heard this, I was full of joy, and who would not be? Who would not rather die than bow down to the yoke of the enemy? It would sweeten death to a man to know that he should lay down his life in defense of freedom and the kingdom of God, rather than to longer bow to the cruelty of mobs, even when the mob have the name of being legalized by the nation. I thank God, and I rejoice that this people are determined to be free of mobocracy and oppression, and that they are determined to have peace, if they have to fight for it.

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