Earliest known oath of vengeance in an LDS temple context. Introduced by Joseph Smith in March 1836.

Mar 30, 1836
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Verbatim

Joseph Smith, Journal, 1835–1836, entry for March 30, 1836, p. 189, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed August 11, 2021

Warren Parrish
Joseph Smith, Jr., Warren Parrish
Joseph Smith, Jr.

The seventies are at liberty to go to Zion if they please or go wheresoever they will and preach the gospel and let the redemtion of Zion be our object, and strive to affect it by sending up all the strength of the Lords house whereever we find them, and I want to enter into the following covenant, that if any more of our brethren are slain or driven from their lands in Missouri by the mob that we will give ourselves no rest until we are avenged of our enimies to the uttermost, this covenant was sealed unaminously by a hosanna and Amen

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