William Bishop (John Doyle Lee's lawyer) lists those involved at Mountain Meadows as accessories before and after the fact. Calls Brigham Young the greatest criminal of the 19th century and blames teachings concerning Blood Atonement.

William Bishop

John Doyle Lee, Mormonism Unveiled; or, The Life and Confessions of the late Mormon bishop, John D. Lee (St. Louis: Bryan, Brand & Company 1877), 379-83

Bryan, Brand & Company
William Bishop, Jabez Durfey, John W. Clark, John Mangum, Samuel Jukes, John Weston, John Ure, Columbus Freeman, George Washington Adair, Jr., Samuel Pollock, James Matthews, Brigham Young, Dudley Leavitt, George Hunter, Philip Klingensmith, Daniel C. Shirts, Samuel White, Daniel H. Wells, Joseph Clewes, Ellott Wilden, Charles Hopkins, Benjamin Arthur, William Hawley, William C. Stewart, John M. Higbee, Joel W. White, John McFarland, James Pearce, George Q. Cannon, Harrison Pearce, Richard Harrison, William Slade, Jr., George A. Smith, William Slade, Sr., Arthur Stratton, Samuel McMurdy, Samuel Knight, Thomas Cartwright, Daniel McFarland, Oscar Hamblin, Swen Jacobs, John Jacobs, Ira Allen, John Hawley, William Bateman, Robert Wiley, John Doyle Lee, Alexander Wilden, Isaac C. Haight, John Humphreys
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NAMES of those who were on the ground, and aiding in or consenting to the killing of over one hundred and twenty men, women, and children, at the Mountain Meadows.

1. George Adair, Jr.

2. Benjamin Arthur.

3. Ira Allen, (dead.) Member of High Council of Church and City.

4. Wm. Bateman, (dead.) Carrier of Flag of Truce.

5. John W. Clark, (dead.) Lived at Washington, Utah.

6. Thomas Cartwright, (dead.) Lived at Cedar City. Member City Council.

7. E. Curtis. Captain of "10." Cedar City.

8. Joseph Clews. Then of Cedar, now at Los Angelos, California.

9. Jabez Durfey. Cedar City.

10. ——— Edwards. Cedar City.

11. Columbus Freeman. Then of Cedar, now at Corn Creek, Utah.

12. John M. Higbee. 1st Counselor to Isaac C. Haight, and Major of Iron Militia. In command at Massacre.

13. Oscar Hamblin, (dead.)

14. Charles Hopkins, (dead.)

15. Wm. Hawley. Now residing in Fillmore, Utah Territory.

16. John Hawley. (Died in Indian Nation.)

17. Richard Harrison, of Pinto. Member of High Council of Church.

18. George Hunter, of Cedar City.

19. John Humphreys, of Cedar City.

20. Samuel Jukes, of Cedar City.

21. Nephi Johnson, of Cedar City. Indian Interpreter.

22. Swen Jacobs, of Cedar City.

23. John Jacobs, of Cedar City.

24. Philip Klingensmith. Bishop of Church at Cedar City.

25. Samuel Knight, of Cedar City.

26. ——— Knight.

27. Dudley Leavitt, of Cedar City.

28. A. Loveridge, of Cedar City.

29. Daniel McFarland, of Cedar City. Son-in-law of Isaac C. Haight, and acting Adjutant at time of massacre.

30. John McFarland. Attorney at law, St. George, Utah.

31. James Matthews, (dead.)

32. John Mangum, of Cedar City.

33. Samuel McMurdy, of Cedar City. 1st Counselor to Bishop Klingensmith. Assisted in killing wounded.

34. James Pearce, of Washington, Utah.

35. Harrison Pearce, of Washington, Utah.

36. Samuel Pollock, of Cedar City.

37. Dan. C. Shirts, of Harmony, now of Potatoe Valley, Utah. Son-in-law of John D. Lee, and Indian Interpreter.

38. William Slade, Sr., (dead,) of Cedar City.

39. William Slade, Jr., of Cedar City.

40. William C. Stewart, of Cedar City.

41. Joseph Smith, of Cedar City.

42. Arthur Stratton, of Virgin City.

43. ——— Tate, of Cedar City. Has since been a Captain of militia.

44. John Ure, of Cedar City.

45. Joel White, of Cedar City.

46. Elliott Wilden, of Cedar City.

47. Robert Wiley, of Cedar City.

48. Samuel White, of Cedar City.

49. Alexander Wilden, of Cedar City.

50. John Weston (dead), of Cedar City.

51. Wm. Young (dead), of Washington, Utah.

52. John D. Lee. Executed March 23, 1877.


WILLIAM H. DAME, Bishop of the Church at Parowan, Colonel of the Iron Military District, and first man in authority in Southern Utah. He gave orders to Isaac C. Haight to have the emigrants exterminated, and did not deny the same when accused of it by Haight on the field after the massacre, while examining the dead bodies.

ISAAC C. HAIGHT, President of that "Stake of Zion" at Cedar City, Utah Territory, Lieutenant Colonel of the Iron Military District—the man who directed Lee to see that the emigrants were exterminated.

GEORGE A. SMITH, one of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints, who preached a crusade against all who were opposed to the Mormon Church, through the settlements in Southern Utah, immediately before the Mountain Meadow Massacre. (Now dead, or so reported).


BRIGHAM YOUNG, to whom John D. Lee made a full report of the massacre, giving names of persons engaged in the crime, and every fact within his knowledge, in less than a month after the same was committed.

The man who said “God had shown him that the massacre was right."

The man who ordered John D. Lee to keep the whole thing secret.

The man who pretended to aid Judge Cradlebaugh to discover the guilty parties, and while pretending to do so was preaching at Cedar City and elsewhere that damnation would be the fate of all who presumed to give evidence against the brethren who had committed the crime.

The man who gave offices and concubines to John D. Lee and Isaac. C. Haight, as a reward for their acts at the massacre.

The man who controls the every act of the Mormon people, and makes slaves of his followers.

The man who teaches the doctrine of Blood Atonement as a religious duty to be performed by the faithful Latter-Day Saints.

The man who assumes that he does nothing except by the direct authority from Heaven.

The greatest criminal of the Nineteenth Century!

DANIEL H. WELLS, the man who has done every thing that he could possibly do to carry out the will of Brigham Young, and defeat the United States officers in their attempts to enforce the laws of the United States. The man who directed the witnesses that it was the will of God, as made known through Brigham Young, the Prophet, Priest and Revelator under the New Dispensation, that John. D. Lee must be convicted, but that no evidence should be given that would implicate any others of the brethren who aided in the butchery at Mountain Meadows.

NEXT. Every Mormon who has tried to screen the guilty perpetrators from punishment, among whom may be named— GEORGE Q. CANNON, who disgraces the Government of the United States by holding a seat as Delegate to Congress from the Territory of Utah, and who wrote many articles for publication, in the vain effort to prove that the massacre was an Indian massacre, without help or advice from the Church. LASTLY. All who pretend that John D Lee, and those who assisted him in the massacre, acted contrary to the orders of the Mormon Priesthood.

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William Bishop (John D. Lee's lawyer) lists those involved at MMM as accessories before and after the fact. Calls Brigham the greatest criminal of the 19th century and blames teachings concerning Blood Atonement.

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