Snow discusses symbolic meaning of the Flood as like baptism.

Lorenzo Snow

Lorenzo Snow, The Only Way to Be Saved (London: D. Chalmers, 1841), 3–4

D. Chalmers
Naaman, Lorenzo Snow
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Some deem it wrong to number baptism among the essential principles ordained of God, to be attended to in obtaining remission of sins. In reply, we say, that the Saviour, and apostles, have done so before us, therefore, we feel obligated to follow their example. The destruction of the Antediluvian world, by water, was typical of receiving remission of sins through baptism. The earth had become clothed with sin as with a garment; the righteous were brought out and saved from the world of sin, even by water; the like figure, even baptism, doth now save us, says Peter, (1 Peter iii. 21) by answering "a good conscience toward God." Noah and family were removed, and disconnected from sins and pollutions, by means of water; so baptism, the like figure, doth now remove our souls from sins and pollutions, through faith on the great atonement made upon Calvary. Many express surprise, that such blessings should be had through baptism Naaman, when told to wash in Jordan seven times, was equally surprised; but, trying the experiment, he found to be true the word of God; his leprosy, his physical pollution was thereby removed, and was typical of the removal of spiritual pollutions in the Gospel dispensation, by baptism in water, through faith and repentance. Through the means of water, Naaman, we have seen, obtained a miraculous blessing; also, the blind man, whom the Saviour directed to wash in the pool Siloam, received his sight, restored by means of water.

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