Charles W. Penrose teaches Flood was "a figure of baptism."

Jan 27, 1910
Meeting Minutes / Notes
The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
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Oliver Shaw, "District Meeting at Sheffield," Millennial Star 72, no. 4 (January 27, 1910): 55

The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
Charles W. Penrose, Oliver Shaw, The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
Latter-day Saints

President [Charles W.] Penrose followed with a discourse which was listened to with close and earnest attention by the entire congregation, taking for a basis to his remarks 1. Peter 3: 18-20, and showing that there was but one plan of salvation which must be preached to every creature, whether in the body or out of the body, so that all might be justly judged according to the light revealed and according to their own works. He showed the necessity of the ordinances as well as the letter and spirit of the gospel: pointed out the allusions of the Apostle Peter in these texts to the flood in the days of Noah as a figure of baptism, proving that it was immersion; also its necessity to give the "answer of a good conscience toward God." Called upon all present who had not received the gospel to obey it while there was an opportunity. Pointed out the difference there would be in the world to come between those who obeyed it in the flesh and were faithful to the end, and those who would not receive it until they had suffered penalties for unrepented sins. Proclaimed the justice and mercy of the Eternal Father and the final triumph of the Redeemer over Satan and all his works, and the ultimate redemption of mankind in some state or condition suited to them and their works in the "many mansions of the Father." A splendid spirit prevailed throughout the proceedings and a profound impression was made upon the strangers present, many of whom invited the elders to visit them at their homes.

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