WW Phelps says Flood cleansed the earth.

Feb 1835
W. W. Phelps

W. W. Phelps, “Letter No. 4,” Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate 1, no. 5 (February 1835): 67

Messenger and Advocate
W. W. Phelps, Moses, Jesus Christ, Enoch, Adam
Latter-day Saints, Oliver Cowdery

But lest I tire your patience with too long a letter, let me briefly close. If there was joy on earth, when Adam received and obeyed the gospel, at the mouth of the angel, and became the first high priest after the holy order of God; if there was joy on earth, as there was in Eden when the morning stars sang together, when Enoch established Zion in the first thousand years; if there was joy on earth, when the flood abated, because the world was cleansed of iniquity; if there was joy on earth, when Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage, and had a grand view of the glory of God; if there was joy on earth, 1834 years ago, (to-day) because Jesus came in the flesh for the redemption of fallen man; and if there was joy on earth, when the fulness of the gospel and the holy-priesthood were committed to you for the last time: how much more joy will there be on earth when the iniquity of man shall cease, and the knots of nations, and the cordons of kingdoms, and the chains of empires, shall have parted forever, and with Babylon the great, shall have fallen into their own place; when the kingdom of God shall have dominion and power under the whole heaven; and when the voice of the triumphant Redeemer, shall not only ring round this globe to the righteous, but shall sound throughout the vast empire of God, to the just of worlds,-"Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world." W. W. PHELPS.

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