George Albert Smith teaches a "great deluge" drowned inhabitants of the earth.

Jan 24, 1929
George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith, "Fear God and Keep His Commandments," The Latter-day Saints Millennial Star 91, no. 4 (January 24, 1929): 50–51

The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
George Albert Smith
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I have no doubt that in the days of Noah there are many people who had opportunities to know the truth. I have no doubt that in his day he was very diligent in trying to teach the people the purpose of their being. He knew why they were here. He knew that it was necessary to have faith in God. He knew that all that we enjoy comes from a generous Heavenly Father, and for one hundred and twenty years he traveled to and fro in that section of the world and proclaimed the truth, until finally the wickedness of the world became so great that our Heavenly Father directed His faithful servant to prepare to save himself and his household. Then a great deluge swept the earth, and those who had been created in the image of God, who had been alien to the blessings that He offered them so generously, were drowned in order that a new race might come upon the earth, with opportunity to learn of His ways that they might walk in His paths.

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