Charles W. Penrose teaches Flood was the baptism of the earth.

May 1909
Charles W. Penrose

Charles W. Penrose, "The Age and Destiny of the Earth," Improvement Era 12, no. 7 (May 1909): 508

Improvement Era
Charles W. Penrose
Latter-day Saints

As there is much misunderstanding in regard to the origin of the earth, so there is concerning its destiny. It is stated in scripture that "the earth and the works therein shall be burned up." The conclusion is leaped at from that remark that the earth is then to be destroyed and be no more. But those who entertain that notion neglect to read that which follows, i. e., "Nevertheless, we according to his promise Iook for new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness " (II Peter 3:10-13.) The lesson learned from these verses is that this globe is to be purified by fire and the "elements to melt with fervent heat," but not to be annihilated. As it was once, in "the flood," cleansed by the baptism of water, so it is to be regenerated by the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, and made a fit habitation for "righteousness" and the righteous, that God may dwell among men and stand upon his "footstool" and commune with man as he did before sin entered the world, and "death by sin." This globe will thus be restored to its primeval beauty and purity when God looked upon it and saw that everything therein was "very good." (See Rev., chaps. 21 and 22.)

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