Woodward recalls temple clothing and garments used in the time of Joseph Smith in Nauvoo.

Apr 21, 1902
Maria Jane Johnston Woodward
Scribed Verbatim

Statement by Maria Jane Johnston Woodward, April 21, 1902, Joseph F. Smith papers, 1854-1918, MS 1325, Church History Library

Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Sr., Maria Jane Johnston Woodward, Jesse Nathaniel Smith, George A. Smith, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Latter-day Saints

Some people have denied that there was any such thing as endowments or endowment clothes before the time of Brigham Young, but I know there were. They were of the same pattern, had the same marks, and were the same in every way as now. I was living with Father Smith, the Prophet's uncle and on one occasion the Prophet wrote a letter to his uncle to meet him the next morning in Nauvoo (we were twenty-five miles from there). Mother Smith, George A. Smith's mother, was sick, and I was the hired girl I had to get these clothes and fix them in time for Father Smith to meet the Prophet Joseph in Nauvoo. Mother Smith told Father Smith to explain to me about this clothing, what they were worn for and what they did with them, the reason he had to have them and have them in good condition before I got them out, and he did so. That was the first I knew about endowment clothes but they were the same as they are now. They were in a chest locked up, inside of a little cotton bag made for the purpose and were all together. Then I got the clothes and pressed them out and put them in good condition and he sent to meet the Prophet. These clothes were never put out publicly, in the washing or in any other way. When we washed, then we hung them out between sheets, because we were in the midst of the Gentiles.

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