First Presidency requests proper markings be placed on approved articles of underwear due to difficulty importing garments to Europe.

Nov 4, 1955
First Presidency

David O. McKay, Stephen L. Richards, J. Reuben Clark, Letter to European mission presidents, November 4, 1955, in Devery Anderson, The Development of LDS Temple Ceremonies (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2011), 298-299

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First Presidency, Stephen L Richards, David O. McKay, Devery Anderson, J. Reuben Clark
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Since the dedication of the Swiss Temple we have been giving consideration to the needs of our European Saints for temple garments and temple clothing. We are aware of the difficulties attendant on the importation of these items into the several European countries. Not only are the duties imposed very high, but the articles may be subject to inspection. In the hope that we may avoid in large measure at least, such costs and hazards, we are now suggesting to you and all other mission presidents in the European area that when requests come to the branch presidents and to the mission presidents for temple garments by those who have had their endowments or expect to receive them and who are accounted worthy, that the Saints making such requests be counseled to obtain through commercial channels one-piece underwear which conforms to the approved pattern of the temple garment, and that when such articles of underwear have been so secured that the Saints be authorized to place the proper markings on such underwear, and that they be given the assurance that this underwear so marked finally satisfies the requirements of an approved garment.

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