First Presidency offers comments on proper design of garments.

Mar 25, 1938
First Presidency

First Presidency (Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, and David O. McKay) to Hyrum B. Calder and counselors, March 25, 1938, in Devery Anderson, The Development of LDS Temple Ceremonies (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2011), 245-246.

Signature Books
First Presidency
Hyrum B. Calder

The increased use by some Church members, young and old, of garments that do not conform to the standard prescribed, and the actual disuse of any garment at all by a few, are cause for deep concern and call all for definite instructions and guidance regarding this matter. . . . For the guidance and protections of these and of members of the Church generally, it has been deemed advisable to copyright a different label which will be placed only upon those garments which conform to approved regulations. . . . The marks should never be placed on garments except by one who is entitled to wear them. [W]hen garments are marked before being sold, the marking must have been done by one officially authorized. So far as the Lord has revealed His will on this matter, it is far better not to receive the endowment than to receive it and then to violate the undertakings and obligations and covenants that pertain thereto. Young people who declare that they will not wear the garment after they shall have received their endowment should not be given recommends.

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