John A. Widstoe asserted that the Church did not take anything from the Masons.

John A. Widtsoe

John A. Widstoe, "Answers to Seminary Teachers' Questions," Summer School, 1934, CR 712 2, Church History Library

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
John A. Widtsoe
Seminary and Institute Teachers

4. Ritual of temple work: the ceremony origin, evolution; the clothing, origin, changes; Masonry and our temple ritual and clothing. Could our temple clothing be changed to something more appealing, and thus be made more in keeping with the desires of the people, both young and old?

The garment is like the ordinary union suit in most cases. I do not hear anyone howl throughout the length and breadth of the land about union suits. They are so much better than the two-piece suits our grandfathers and grandmothers grew up with. As for Masonry, we have taken nothing from the Masons any more than we took baptism by immersion from the Baptists. Corrupted truth is found everywhere. The temple ordinances were revealed as many other things have been revealed to the Prophet [Joseph Smith].

. . . 6. Discuss and justify the changes made in temple ceremonies and clothing.

There have been no changes in the garment. Fundamentally it is like it was in the beginning. Lengthening or shortening of the sleeve is not a change really. It is just a minor thing, in line with our needs, especially in the summer time; but that does not make any difference to the garment itself. It is a covering for my body, representing covenants I have made. We have made entirely too much of the so-called changes. There have been no changes in the ideas.

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