Priddy Meeks recalls meeting a "natural seer" with a peepstone.

1879 - 1903
Personal Journal / Diary
Priddy Meeks

Priddy Meeks journal, 74, Vault MSS 58, Folder 1, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library

Priddy Meeks
Daniel H. Wells, William Titt, Joseph Smith, Jr., Priddy Meeks

Sometime after I got home President Daniel H. Wells sent a boy to me by the name of Wm. Titt, some 12 or 14 years of age, he was born a natural seer, but no knowledge of the fact was had until after he came to live with me that I ever knew of, Seer stones, or peepstones as they are more commonly called, was very plenty about Parowan, I rather being a gifted person in know<ing> a peepstone when seeing one altho I have never found one yet that I could see in, a seer's stone appears to me to be the connecting link between the visible and invisible worlds. I am not prepared to say to what extent discoveries may be made in the invisible world thro these means, but I am prepared to say that truthful discoveries, (I am fully convinced) have been made by those means on certain conditions. It is not safe to depend on peepstone in any case where evil spirits have the power to put false appearances before them while looking in a peepstone, if evil influences will not interfere, the verdict will be as true as preaching. That is my experience in the matter; also <the Patriarch> Hiram Smith, the brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith, held the same idea, but stated that our faith was not strong <strong> enough to overcome the evil influences that might interfere, but seemed to think that time would come, I have seen peepstones as well polished as a fiddle with a nice hole through the one end that belonged to the ancients, I asked Bro Smith the use for <that> hole, he said the same as a watch chain to keep from losing it. He said in time of war the Nephites had the advantage of their enemies by looking in the seerstone which would reveal whatever they wished to know. (I believe a peepstone is of the same piece with the Urim and Thummim, if we understood it.)

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