Thomas Bullock records Orson Pratt and other Church leaders opposing Adam-God teachings.

Apr 4, 1860
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Thomas Bullock
Scribed Paraphrase

Historian's Office Journal, April 4, 1860, Volume 24, 1859 December 26-1860 November 24, 116-18, Historical Department office journal, 1844-2012, CR 100 1, Church History Library

Thomas Bullock
George D. Watt, Brigham Young, Thomas Bullock, Orson Pratt, Joseph Smith, Jr., Orson Hyde, Erastus Snow, Adam

Prest. Young set forth the object of the Council, as follows.

Bro. Orson your late sermon came near being published in the Deseret News, before I had an opportunity of reading it. I am not satisfied with it as a confession, it does not present me in a true light, it makes me appear to be a tyrant, and because I am the President of the church every mans will and judgment must bend to mine.

I want to get an understanding of your views, and see if we see things aright; per=haps if I could see it as you do, it would be all that I could ask, but if not, we want to have the matter talked over and laid before the Conference in a manner that will injure Bro. Orson's influence as little as possible and so that we can show that we see eye to eye. I have delayed this matter, because of the absence of some of the brethren, but I presume brother Pratt has no objections to our taking this course and having it all laid before the conference satisfactorily.

T. B. read O. Pratt's sermon delivered in the Tabernacle, Feb. 22.

Prest. Young asked the Twelve if they were satisfied with that sermon as a con=fesson, considering what Bro. Pratt has put forth to the people in England and in Washington. and said he did not want to as any thing but what would be for the best and promote the public good.

O. Hyde made a few remarks

Erastus Snow made remarks

Prest. Young said he thought the matter could be got along with very easily, he would suggest that Bro Orson Pratt and the Twelve get together and write out a sermon that would set forth Bro. Pratts true position, and brother Pratt could read in the Tabernacle and then have it published to the world.

Bro. Young asked brother Pratt to speak his mind on the subject.

Brother Pratt said he thought that Prest. Young was perfectly satisfied with the confession, as he was informed by bro. Watt, when he handed him the sermon to revise that the President had read it and approved of it, and wishing to have it read for them later that week; and he was quite aston=ished when bro. Young made the remarks he did on the stand a short time afterwards.

and as for publishing to the world that the doctrines he had preached and published, on certain points, were false, he could not do it, because if he did he would prove himself a hypocrite and that the revelations of Joseph Smith were false and that Prest. Young had preached doctrines doctrines, as upon the revelations of Joseph Smith and the sermons of Brigham Young he had formed the belief that he had promulgated on those points of doctrine. *

After much counsel and good advice from Prest. Young & the Twelve to O. Pratt, the council adjourned until tomorrow at 10 a. m.

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