WWP reflects on the issue of time in the Bible; discusses Kolob and the contribution of the BOA.

W. W. Phelps

W. W. Phelps, Almanac for the Year 1860 (Salt Lake City: J. McKnight, 1860), 22

J. McKnight
W. W. Phelps, Eve, Adam
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There is a great mystery about time as recorded In the Bible. Authors differ as to what length of time this world has occupied since it came into being. Add 4004 to 1860 and we have 6884 years.

Again, some authors allow, before the birth of the Savior, 5509 years, which added to 1860, give 7369 years since the beginning.

The Book of Abraham as translated by Joseph Smith, gives seven thousand years for the creation by the Gods; one day of the Lord being a thousand years of man's time, or a day in Kolob. This important revelation of 7000 years at first, shows 5960 years since the transgression of Adam and eve; and 40 years to the next "day of rest," if the year 1900 commences the return of the "ten tribes," and the first resurrection: or 13000 years since the Gods said, ''let there be light and there was light," so that the fourteenth thousandth year will be the second Sabbath since creation.

A day of the Moon is nearly thirty of our days, or more than "ten thousand" of earth's time. Verily, verily,

"Man knows but little,

Nor knows that little right."

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