Robert Richards recalls learning about Kolob, a "distant planet," and that Saints after resurrection would live like in the present world.

Robert Richards

Robert Richards, The Californian Crusoe; or, The Lost Treasure Found. A Tale of Mormonism, 2nd ed. (London: John Henry and James Parker, 1858), 75–76

John Henry and James Parker
Robert Richards
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Although I was inwardly grieved and distressed by the marriage of my daughter to Elder Bangs, I submitted without murmuring, as I believed it to be the will of the Almighty. During the week I was generally engaged on my little estate, and on Sundays I regularly attended the meetings held near the temple. Many doctrines were now prominently taught, of which I had heard comparatively little in England. Great stress was laid upon the material nature of the Deity, who was declared to be possessed of body, parts, and passions like a man, and to reside in a distant planet denominated Kolob. A great deal was said about the future residence of the saints, and we were told that after the resurrection they will need houses and clothing as in the present world, that they will marry and have children, and cultivate farms and flower-gardens. Wonderful things were predicted respecting the speedy restoration of the Jews to the land of Canaan, the overthrow of the Pope, and the commencement of the Millennium. It was apparently taken for granted that we abounded in the gift of tongues, and in the miraculous powers of casting out devils, healing the sick, drinking poison with impunity, and handling vipers and rattle-snakes without damage. I am not able to affirm that I was a witness of anything very remarkable in these several respects, though I constantly heard of wonderful prodigies reported to have been seen by others. We were, however, strongly advised by our teachers to abstain from tobacco and strong drink; and I certainly beheld with my own eyes the uncommon spectacle of a large and hard-working community living in a state of almost universal sobriety.

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