GBA summarizes LDS views on Kolob as location of pre-mortal council.

George B. Arbaugh

George B. Arbaugh, Gods, Sex, and Saints: The Mormon Story (Rock Island, IL: Augustana Press, 1957), 17–18

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When all was in readiness, a great strategic council of gods was held on the vast star Kolob. Here an earth estate was planned for Adam's children, following the Great Plan through which the spirit children of every other god had passed. First, particles of matter which were scattered through space had to be brought together to form a new earth home. "Let us go down," said one of the gods. "And they went down at the beginning, and they, that is the gods, organized and formed the heavens and the earth." Six days did the gods labor, according to the time of the great star Kolob, each day being ten thousand years as measured by our small, spinning earth, and then at last was the earth ready for the coming of man. . . .

To the spirits attending the council on Kolob it was explained that after their father Adam had moved to earth it would be necessary for him to "sin." Otherwise he would not be able to beget bodies into which the spirits might enter. But it was also evident that even though Adam's sin was necessary, it would unfortunately bring death and evil upon the human family. Down through the ages this problem in The Great Plan had been solved by having one spirit appointed to be a redeemer and die upon a cross. Then, taking up his body again in resurrection, he would make it possible for all the spirits to regain their hard-won bodies after death. Adam himself had taken this role of a "Christ" when in an earth estate he was earning his body.

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