Willmore writes fictional account of two "Kolobians" visiting a young boy to discuss religion.

Floyd Willmore

Floyd Willmore, Kolobians Seek the Afterlife: Logic and Divine-Truth (New York, NY: Page Publishing, 2016), 7–8

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Floyd Willmore
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Two adventurers from another planet come to earth seeking information about the afterlife. They solicit help from a young earth boy and after telling him about their planet he agrees to help. They are joined by a leadership personality and an intellectual personality from the far away planet. They begin a fantasy journey to learn about immortality and the afterlife from any source available. They have the ability to visit any time and any place in their search for things that have been written or spoken. They discover things that are known by religions about creation and the beginning of life and about the afterlife but cannot understand some of them. They are joined by a faith personality from their planet who has perceived their confusion. These six distinctly different personalities explore information from various sources and discuss some ramifications of their findings. They learn doctrines and theories about creation and immortality and the many forms that afterlife might take. They search for and find truth in many forms. The story is not only about finding information but also the thought processes involved to understand the information. An important facet of the story is the fact that non-humans think differently than humans and ask different questions. This story is about the acceptance of truth. The strongest and most adventuresome personality develops some fears and anxiety about religious sacrifices but is persuaded to continue the quest. After search for the “afterlife” has generated more question than answers they turn to a search for the “meaning of life”. The story is about their adventures and their conclusions regarding religion and the meaning of life. The story is told using playful and sometimes irreverent dialogue. The tale is made more interesting with the inclusion of illustrations by the very talented artist Penny Moroney.


The appearance of two flying horses startles the boy named Jodel! He is absolutely flabbergasted when the horses talk.

Dyolf: Hello, My name is Dylof, and I am from Kolob! I am here with my brother to learn about immortality and the afterlife!

Yar: We want to know how to be immortal and live forever. Do people here know about such things?

Jodel: Some say they do! Many things have been written and talked about regarding the afterlife! What is Kolob?

Yar: Kolob is the center of the universe!

Dyolf: Kolob has no beginning and no end! One day in Kolob is equal to a thousand years according to the measurement of this earth.

Jodel: How many people live in Kolob?

Yar: There are no people!

Dyolf: Kolob is populated by horses, mules, and donkeys. Mostly mules!

Yar: And one unicorn. Her name is Redael!

Jodel: Kolob sounds interesting. Tell me more about Kolo!

Yar: The mules are terrestrial and do all the work. Although there is little work to be done. They are nice but boring!

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