Fagerstjerna elaborates on cosmology, naming Kolob as an important star (identified with the star Thuban) and "spiritual sun."

P. W. P. Fagerstjerna

P. W. P. Fagerstjerna, The Light of Messiah: On the Gospel of Freedom and the Order of Messiah (San Francisco: C. W. Gordon, 1888), 169, 208–209, 220–222, 236, 259–260, 263–264, 275

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Therefore has the Holy Spirit a unity of nature, power and action with the Father from eternity, or before the entire solar system sprang from his love as the essence for its atoms. God's days are counted each a thousand of years on earth, and his year is fifty thousand of his days, and one rotation of the sun Kolob around his nearest fixed star or twenty thousand times larger sun, is done in fifty millions of years on earth.

. . .

All the planets were once a nebulæ in common with their sun, as all planets were once a ring of gases and heat in, common with their moons, and upon the same principle they belong together, and will once have to recede again in the same order together, when the law of centripetal force has exhausted the motion of the centrifugal power, and they again meet each other. That epoch is however at such a distance in eternity, that all time man can count must dwindle into nothing, and the event can only take place when the organic life is lived out into spirit through all the solar system, and more than that, when the spirit spheres of all the globes are perfected as far as the present creation can do it, based upon the emanation of life germs sent from the suns Sirius and Kolob, which impregnated the nebulæ brought into existence by the evolution founded on the creative principle of the divine will and the divine love of the supreme mind.

. . .

The distance of the globe Eve, or the spiritual earth, is nine hundred billions of miles from the earth's sun, and societies of former citizens from the earth are living in the spirit on that globe, adapted to the life in an intermediate state between the second and third heaven, and for some spirits meeting there from both heavens. The planet Eve belongs to the exterior group of planets which encircles a sun to the spiritual sun Kolob. Eve is twenty thousand miles in diameter, and has four moons, which are from two to five thousand miles in diameter.

During the time Israel lived in Egypt, and the great pyramids were built by Pharoah, Rameses the Second, the architecture was so arranged that the great hallway in the king's chamber ran directly north and south, so a person from the interior looking north would in the middle of the entrance dis- cover the sun Thuban, the north star four thousand years ago. Abraham was well versed in the Egyptian and Chaldean astronomy, and mentions the great sun Thuban as Kolob, the sacred orb amongst the Egyptians, and as the symbol for the corresponding; invisible dwelling place of the Most High God, the Almighty. The sun Thuban can be observed a short distance from Polaris, the present north star, and in between the two Dippers. The pyramids were built in strict conformity to that great sun, which at that time was considered not movable in its position to earth, and the pyramids are there after a lapse of four thousand years, but the earth has changed its position to Thuban, and that is not any longer the north star. God, the Almighty, was offered worship by the patriarchs, and the light of Thuban was to them as the light which descended from His throne, or from the invisible heavenly spirit sun of the same name, Kolob. This mighty central sun for the eastern hemisphere of the invisible universe will be described in full in other places.

Another great sun is Luto, in the constellation of Ursa Minor, in the Dipper, near the handle. It is a central sun of another order than Thuban, and for a group of suns and their planets, and its people are corresponding in intellectual development and intelligence to the summer land or the second heaven, Luto means "the light in the soul." Kolob means "God's mansion," a name the Egyptians gave to Thuban, but in a more true sense belongs to its spiritual globe, the great central suns of the eastern hemisphere of the universe, the spiritual Kolob.

To Thuban belongs a large, magnificent group of planets, which are all shining suns, and encircling Thuban in all the brilliancy of light and beauty, and the heavens are illuminated for millions of miles in one perpetual light. The spiritual light for the invisible central sun Kolob, is wisdom shining in the glorious beauty of God's love, and with the intense power of the Holy Ghost, moving in the spirit of eternity. No spirit from this solar system has ever attempted to approach that globe nearer than its exterior suns, which move in allegiance to its light and millions of miles from the central sun, and with one hundred millions of miles apart, where the spirits have been received by the Messiah and entertained with his love and harmony. Spirits and angels can not approach the suns of Kolob, except they are from the third heaven of the solar system they belong to. The Kingdom of the Messiah is in the celestial sphere, and His mission is to bring the principles of it down on earth, that He may govern there in His Father's name, that His will may be done on earth as it is done in heaven. This work is not granted by the world nor by the spirits out of the world, but by His elect from out of the world, and by His elect in the world, and they belonged to Him and His redemption from eternity, and in this movement from the third heaven is the entire race saved in their own orders to their own spheres.

The spirit sun Kolob is one hundred and five trillions of miles from the earth's sun. Such distances may appear impossible to travel for any intelligence or spirit power, but the velocity of inorganic electricity is 60,000 geographical miles, or 300,000 English miles a second, and amounts to nothing in comparison with vital magnetism, which travels 250,000 geographical miles or 1,250,000 English miles a second, and that appears again nothing, when spirit magnetism travels 500,000 geographical miles or 2,500,000 English miles a second, and by the intellectual will force a spirit can use ordinarily to his own disposition, he will move through space with an intensity of two millions of geographical miles or one billion of English miles a second. That is the spiritual movement with the power of his will force to report by, although his spiritual body by another law of gliding on the spiritual magnetic highway of rays travels with a quickness of 200,000 English miles in a second, or as fast as the light does. Angels in the celestial heaven report instantly with their friends on earth through guardian spirits after guardian, and may communicate such by impressions to human brains on twelve different individuals, in the same interval of five minutes.

. . .

Thuban or visible Kolob is located between the little and the big Dipper. The sun Polaris is the old Greek star Cynosure, known as such to the Egyptians. In about 12,000 years more it will pass out of its focus in the north by a general movement of the universe, and the sun Lyra, with its dazzling light, will fill the office as Polar star.

. . .

The spirit planet Baal is located south of the earth, between Gehenna and Merijam. Lucifer is the lord and master there, and is rendered worship by his hosts as the god of the spiritual sun. Baal is a dark globe, some resembling Merijam in light, but is more rugged, mountainous and desert looking. The spirits are living in peace with each other, and are not in war with themselves as on Gehenna, where the government of Lucifer cannot establish order out of the existing anarchy. The spiritual sun throws a yellow, brownish light into the atmosphere of Baal, which gives to the globe a reddish, faint light, not any stronger than a starlight night on earth. When spirits travel to the heavens or spirit belts, they go north, and exit into the earth atmosphere at the north pule, and above and between the earth's axis and its inclination of 23°, and directly above its vertical axis is seen the spiritual sun Kolob.

. . .

The spirit planets Canaan, Ismael, Orises, Brahma, Thesis, Confucius, Eve, Freia, Kalmus and Pan, are of that group, which is moving around the exterior sun in affinity to Kolob, and directly above the north pole. They are rotating one hundred millions of miles apart.

. . .

When two persons in the eternal companionship enter the T. summer land, they are living in the actual embodiment of their interior love, realized in a substantial identity. By attaining to that degree of intelligence the life in the summer land is continued for an}' indefinite period, and a multitude of spirits who progress in allegiance to the divine harmony but do not enter into it, are moving towards the spirit suns, which are encircling Luto, the central spirit sun in the little Dipper near the handle, which again is in affinity to Hercules, and that again with its myriads of suns to the Pleiades, headed with the great central sun Alcyone, there is moving in affinity to a gigantic eclipse, in which Thuban, Polaris, Lyra and five hundred suns of equal size, are the center, and representing the invisible solar suns with Kolob, the central spirit sun for eastern hemisphere, or the milky way of the universe.

. . .

The Ancient of Days, the patriarch of that heaven, showed them the rising of the spiritual sun Kolob, as it came above the horizon. No mortal can endure the glory of the spirit sun, which was below the horizon when the company arrived, and although night, it was serene and more pleasant and bright than any sunlight day on earth.

The spiritual sun Kolob is immense, with a several thousand times larger disc on heaven than the earth's sun, and fills much space on the northern horizon. The soft light is looked at with the spiritual eyes easy as man is looking at the moon. Kolob shines with a brilliant, blushing, orange, golden light, and throws no rays but an element of love and beauty over the celestial worlds. The Ancient of Days is the God, the Eternal Father on Kolob, and its hundred attending suns, and he is the patriarch of the third heaven as he is the Jehovah on earth. He said to the messenger, pointing at the rising sun: "There be thy home, when my work on earth is done." All the teachings and interviews between the Ancient of Days and the messenger will be written in a separate book, called "The Visions." It is not the intention of the Spirit to dwell by that severe experience to flesh and blood in the high heaven for light to earth, which will on some future day be related, and humanity will learn something from that heaven and receive knowledge of the truth. Amen."

The kingdom of heaven is four times "you are" to four times "you are not," or the sphere of wisdom. The messenger met his father according to the flesh in the celestial or third sphere, dressed in the glittering armour of a king in the high heaven. He had progressed rapidly through the spheres, and only been seventeen years at that time departed from earth life. On the brilliant suns moving around Kolob are the differences between the sexes perfected and wiped out, and the passion is dead, and the human nature perfected into equality of both sexes with a mutual four times "you are." There woman remains woman in man, and man remains man in woman, but perfected in both natures. Hence they have the same harmonies of four times " you are " perfected into the eternal life, which Jesus promised to all who believe in him and follow after him, that their inheritance should be that with him by his Father and of the eternal life in the eternal world. On earth the human understanding knows but little of God's wisdom, because the construction of the human brain is not able to argue on the principles of eternity. Seraphims and archangels with a superior organism and a further mental development understand eternity, but the spirit of man is not an archangel.

. . .

The development of the third heaven in God's love is four times "you are," or the spirit of the fourth head guide from the life on earth. Every spirit guide corresponds to the sphere man reaches to with one more " you are," or by woman's one more "you are not."

The spiritual sun Kolob shines into the third sphere with a golden light of beauty and peace, and you associate there with the seraphims from the suns moving in affinity to Kolob. There you are in the daily society of the martyrs and saints, but they are nothing, because God is the Almighty and everything.

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