Boonville Standard mentions Kolob as a "planet" where God dwells.

May 15, 1879
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"Mormonism," Boonville Standard 4, no. 28 (May 15, 1879): [3]

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Boonville Standard
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To enlarge on these points a little:

1. The Mormons hold that there is no spirit distinct from matter. Spirit is imply matter refined. God is a perfected man and every man is a God in embryo.

2. There never was a creation except as appropriation and combination constitute a creation. New worlds are constantly being formed "from matter unformed and void," to use the prophet's words. These worlds are stocked with spirits unembodied. Saints of this last dispensation rule over these spirits and become gods.

3, Countless spirits are born in all these worlds and awaiting physical processes by which they may enter earthly tabernacles and begin their probationary state. These spirits have organs of thought, speech, hearing, etc., but they must be subject to the moral law of earth that regeneration may go on. Hence they seek for tabernacles. It is woman's highest glory to furnish these tabernacles, and her glory is in proportion to the number she furnishes. Men may preach and thus attain the highest order of saintship, but only one avenue is available for woman. She must introduce these spiritual bodies to earth. Ho only can she attain exaltation.

4 There are a vast number of gods in the world over kingdoms, nations, families, etc., but only one God regnant in each world. Worlds are given in due time to the Saints. Each Saint must build up his own kingdom, i.e. populate it. Elohim is the greatest god known to man. He dwells in the planet Kolob, in the center of our system, which revolves "once in a thousand years," which are with the Lord as one day. There were six of the Lord's days in the great preparatory course of this world, each one a thousand years. There were two days to each dispensation; two to the Mosaic, two to the Patriarchal. Christianity had its two days of trial, and after the death of St. John began the great apostasy. Now have continued eighteen hundred years of darkness, when no true priesthood has been on earth. The various sects have each a part of the truth, but the light has dawned. The Lord's day approaches. Great wars will soon destroy all the Gentiles—the survivors will serve the Saints. Men will, indeed, be scarce, so scarce that seven women will lay hold on on man. The Indians, descendants of the Jews, will be converted and become "a delightsome people." The ten lost tribes will be found. They will gather at Jerusalem about 1890. The n[ew] Jerusalem will be in Missouri; th[is] is the paradise promised to the sai[nts].

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