Andrus discusses Kolob; relates it to Church and family hierarchies.

Feb 2001
Alyn Brown Andrus

Alyn Brown Andrus, personal writing, February 2001, in Alyn Brown Andrus, Temporal Realities and Eternal Possibilities: A History of Samuel Reed Andrus, Melba Phyllis Brown, Their Children, and Grandchildren (Rexburg: Brigham Young University–Idaho Press, 2007), 722–723

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Kolob is a planet near unto the place where God (Elohim) dwells. So Jehovah (of whom Kolob is representative) is near the likeness of Elohim. Kolob is the great governing planet. Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the great governing being in relation to Elohim's creations.

Other great planets are in descending order among all the stars and planets that comprise the heavens, so in descending order of energy, light, knowledge, truth, power, and the right to govern are the intelligences and spirits. Some of these, the greatest, God has made His rulers (Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Lehi and all the noteworthy Book of Mormon prophets, and Joseph Smith). These "great" and "noble" rulers were heads of earthly dispensations of time. They are the ones through whom God governed with respect to dispensations of time. Under them, of course, were other lesser intelligences/spirits who were also God's rulers, just as there are lesser planets and stars among all of God's heavenly creations. The lesser intelligences/spirits would be church officers and members, each performing assigned priesthood duties and all working for the benefit and glory of the whole. Paul the Apostle presented this same idea, but used different examples, such as body parts (I Corinthians 12:12-22).

God's church, then, should portray the same order as prevails in God's planetary creations. Each planet has its orbit, as each Church officer has his/her priesthood assignment. There should be no clashes. And just as each planet and planetary system are governed by a greater planet or planetary system, so each church officer is governed by church officers in ascending order. Within the Church, then, the representative of Jehovah is the presiding high priest, the president of the Church (represented by Kolob). Under him are other "noble" and "great" ones, such as the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, the Quorums of Seventy (represented by other great governing planets). Then other leaders of God (represented by lesser governing planets) would be stake presidents and bishops. These represent God's leaders among people of the world who would be represented by the Kokaubeam, or the mass of stars and planets in the heavens. But there is order in the heavens and there must be order in Christ's Church.

The same order should prevail in God's families. The husband, who holds the priesthood, presides. He has his orbit (his heavenly or priesthood assignments). His wife takes her place near unto him and has her orbit (her heavenly or priesthood assignments). His orbit and her orbit are different. They must never collide. They must stay in orbit as Earth and moon rotate around the sun in their orbits. As long as this order maintains, the family goes along its eternal path toward God. And as there must be perfect order in the family, so each individual must achieve order in his/her life to be in harmony with God through the Holy Spirit. But the key to understanding The Book of Abraham Chapter 3, is the concept of eternal progress based on perfect order according to God's plan as exemplified in the heavenly planets and stars. We learn all this in the temple. For example, Eve agrees to obey the "law of the Lord," as Adam agrees to obey the "law of Elohim." The law of Elohim is the priesthood with its covenants, principles, and powers. Adam holds the priesthood. Eve, in agreeing to obey the "law of the Lord," agrees to obey not Adam, but the priesthood, as Jehovah obeys Elohim. The two working together (Elohim and Jehovah, Adam and Eve, husband and wife) exalt the family. But they can do it only as they work together in the priesthood and through the priesthood. They must move in harmony just as the heavenly bodies do. This togetherness contributes to the benefit and glory of the whole (ABA, February 2001).

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