Melvin Alonzo Cook and Melvin Garfield Cook discuss their views on Kolob and its place in the cosmos.

Melvin Alonzo Cook

Melvin Alonzo Cook and Melvin Garfield Cook, Science and Mormonism: Correlations, Conflicts, and Conciliations (Salt Lake City, UT: Deseret Book, 1967), 20, 35

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We are thus compensated duly by the fact that by accepting the revealed word of God we move to a new and exciting concept in which Kolob, a body nearest to the Creator of light, is, at least, the temporal, if not the primary source of the light of the universe. The Pearl of Great Price not only confirms the role of Kolob but adds the important concept that the light, "which proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space," goes forth from Kolob, first to a great governing body called Kae-e-vanrash, then to the sun, and finally to the earth.

The Lord proclaims that He is the life and light of the world, and that life is the result of special light interactions in the organizations which He has created. Kolob is the temporal governing body of all the universe as far as light (and perhaps also gravity control) is concerned. Light proceeds forth from the presence of God to the primary satellite, "Kae-e-vanrash," which governs other stars (galaxies) besides the sun, but, except to number them as fifteen in all, the Lord tells us only of our own system and its line of authority.

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The Prophet Joseph Smith's interpretation of the Second Facsimile of Abraham informs us that there is indeed a great universe, the center and primary governing body of which is Kolob. Kolob is the greatest star in all the universe. Still it appears, not only from modern science but also from Abraham, that the nucleus of this universe is not a single body but rather many stars, all having important functions as governing bodies of the universe. Our galaxy evidently has many governing stars at its center also, the sum total of which may be considered to be its nucleus. Abraham mentions "Oliblish" as another great star near unto Kolob which is said to be governing equal in power with Kolob. It is said to have the same period of rotation as Kolob, namely a thousand years (one day of the Lord). These two great bodies were spoken of as governing bodies of the entire universe. They may not, and likely are not, the only governing bodies comprising the universal nucleus.

Some may, of course, question that Kolob and Oliblish are to be identified with the supergalaxy. They may assume rather that they are centers of some lesser system, perhaps even within the neighborhood of the solar system. . . . The satellites that are governed by Kolob are innumerable. The Milky Way system alone comprises hundreds of billions of stars all governed by the nucleus of the galaxy. All these systems, even to the bounds of the tremendous universe itself, were created by and are now and ever were governed by the Lord Himself.

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