Julian Ralph reports that Latter-day Saints expects exaltation to be in Kolob.

Sep 24, 1893
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Julian Ralph
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Julian Ralph, "The Land of Mormon," Daily Oregon Statesman, September 24, 1893, [2]

Daily Oregon Statesman
Daily Oregon Statesman, Julian Ralph
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Mr. [Julian] Ralph, without fully comprehending the significance of the saying, reports these words as uttered by his plural-wived interlocutor: "The women have never liked it (polygamy) or advocated it; but they understood that it was sanctioned by the church." They bear the cross; exaltation is promised them in heavenly Kolob, but here they have a life of suffering. A poor simple-minded, bone-wearied Danish woman—a bishop's wife, too, used to wash for this writer's wife, and a kindly feeling grew up between the two. In a confidential moment the saintly blanchisseuse remarked to her Gentile employer: "I wash for you on this earth, but in the next world you Gentile ladies will have to do the washing for us." Other Mormon wives less hopeful, have declared they would be content with less exaltation in reversion so they could be vouchsafed a more endurable time here below.

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