Bruce Christensen calls Kolob a planet.

Nov 8, 1994
Speech / Court Transcript
Bruce L. Christensen
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Bruce L. Christensen, "Media Myths and Miracles," BYU Devotional Speech, November 8, 1994, accessed August 10, 2021

Brigham Young University
Bruce L. Christensen
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For our purposes this morning, if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then journalists are from Pluto!

Pluto is a cold, dark, tiny, miserable place where everything is suspect. Where everybody lies. Where graft, corruption, malfeasance, self-interest, and greed reign supreme. And where the journalist’s job is to tell people about all of this garbage.

Some wag said that if journalists on Pluto had a Thirteenth Article of Faith, it would read, “If there is anything hateful, despicable, shameful, or rotten, we seek after these things.”

The Church’s worldview, on the other hand, comes from the planet Kolob. Most of the conflict and difficulty we have with the press comes from differences between our worldview, our frame of behavioral reference, and our cultural assumptions and those held by journalists.

. . .

It is my prayer that we will have the faith, the wisdom, and the will to build God’s kingdom, making us and our society one that would be welcome on the planet Kolob. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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