WKL discusses Kolob, calls it a star, provides graphic illustration of BOA cosmology.

Jul 23, 1896
W. K. Lay

W. K. Lay, "The Controversy of Zion. The Third Foundation—Creation," Looking Glass 8, no. 14 (July 23, 1896): [1]

Looking Glass
W. K. Lay
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Letter No 99:—: The Dual Throne of Physical Power.


Fig. 5 **** This planet receives its power through the medium of Kli-flos-is-es, or Hah-ko-kau-beam, the stars represented by numbers 22 and 23, receiving their light from the revolutions of Kolob.—Book of Abraham.

Editor Looking Glass:–:

We come now to a more definite solution of the governing central stars. Our same author has already been quoted in these words, "The name of the great one is Kolob *** I have set this one to govern all those which belong to the same order of that upon which thou standest." To what order of stars does the earth belong? To those that give light in their begining. Kolob gives light according to the text. Kolob governs such, but there must be another order of stars that Kolob does not govern. We quoted scientific authority regarding Algol and Y. Algol belongs to the order of light giving stars, but Y does not even reflect light. There is an order of dark stars. The authority quoted said there were known manifestations of a number like Y which science could not explain. What is the governor of the order of dark stars?

We publish here—with a diagram of the six central stars which is based as accurately as possible upon the hieroglyphics of cut No. 2, Book of Abraham. Those who refer to that cut will see that it gives considerable latitude to the exact positions of these stars and that our interpretation is conservatively correct.


It will be observed that Kolob upon one side of the center balances with 2 and 4, also light stars, keeping forever their relative positions in their revolutions of 1000 years about the center. Cut No. 2 places 5 opposite the center from 22 and 23, our text saying that 5 receives its power on the other side [?], which means that its power to revolve about the center, rather than falling into it, depends upon its balance with 22 and 23. It will therefore be seen that 5, 22 and 23 revolve about the center in the same time, otherwise their balance could not be maintained, and that revolution must be in 1000 years, else these three might interfere with the revolving of Kolob and his balances.

Now while 5 receives power from 22 and 23, it is a planet and all three receive light from Kolob; then those three worlds are dark. These are Y worlds. Who told Abraham and Joseph smith that there were Y worlds. Let the astrologers and star gazers reply! Are not the light and dark worlds male and female? Who told the author of Heaven's Argument to write, as already quoted?

Hence depths within puissant mind


The cradle of its partial deep to


With gods and angels, suns and planets, moons

And couplets, male and female.

Another connecting link is necessary. It will be remembered that we drew a plan of the positions of the light, hot, dark, cold and spirit atoms, in their spheres, before their affinities were released. In some cases light and hot atoms obeyed their affinities first, in others cold and heat, or light and dark, or otherwise, according to the relative positions of the atoms to be first influenced. Following along that line, remembering that light was upon one side of the center and the sphere of heat upon the other, we will find rushing to the center molecules of atoms composed of heat and cold and dark, invisible, upon one side, upon the other, light and dark and cold, while amid them all the atoms of spirit and spirit pre-creation moved and organized. In such a case, when the central sun exploded, there were great masses of luminous substances which made Kolob and his order of stars, and great masses of invisible substance which made Y worlds, like 5, 22 and 23.

There was therefore established a double throne of power at the sidereal center, like the steamboat with two engines, like the golden sun, and the silver moon, the dual standards of light for the day, or gold and silver as the double standard of money power.

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