CVW quotes FDR as saying Kolob is a planet near where God dwells.

C. V. Waite
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Franklin D. Richards, quoted in C. V. Waite, Adventures in the Far West; and Life Among the Mormons (Chicago: C. V. Waite and Co., 1882), 84–85

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We were seated one evening, after a rather easy day, around a camp fire and recalling home and friends, and having a little social chat, when Bro. Richards seated himself in our midst and said, "Brethren and Sisters, there are many things in our blessed religion, which we do not teach among the ungodly Gentiles. If you are faithful, you will soon be ushered into the holy of holies and be permitted to know the mysteries of Godliness, and participate in nil the privileges of the Saints of the Most High. Our religion teaches us that there are many Gods, and they are of both sexes. But to us, there is but one God, the Father of mankind, and the Creator of the earth. Men and women are literally, the sons and daughters of God, our spirits having been literally begotten by God, in the heavenly world, and having been afterwards sent to this earth, and invested with these tabernacles. God is in the form of man.

He has a body composed of spiritual matter. There is no difference between matter and spirit, except in quality. Spirit is matter refined.

God is omnipotent, but not personally omnipresent. He is everywhere present by his Holy Spirit. His personality is generally expressed by the phrase, "He has body, parts, and passions." He resides in the center of the universe near the planet Kolob. This planet rotates on its axis once in a thousand of our years, and one revolution of Kolob is a day to the Almighty. Jesus Christ was the Son of God, literally begotten by the Father, and had the Spirit of God in the body of a man.["] . . .

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