B.H. Roberts discusses astronomy of BOA; calls Kolob a "great star."

B. H. Roberts

B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1930; rep. ed., Brigham Young University Press, 1965), 2:128–130

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B. H. Roberts
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There is also, in outline, a most noble system of astronomy in this Egyptian fragment, which system, according to the record itself, was revealed to Abraham by means of Urim and Thummim, and which more modern research and discovery does but confirm. Briefly stated the system stands as follows—omitting, however, most of the Egyptian names used:—There are many great stars, called "governing ones," one of which rises preeminent above the others "nearest the throne of God," and is called "Kolob." This great star constitutes the grand center of our universe, around which all other great stars revolve, or by which they are governed in their movements, or receive controlling force; and thence from this great central governing star, in ever widening circles revolve countless worlds and world-groups with their respective central suns in bewildering yet orderly magnificence and splendor. This view represents the universe not as static, but as dynamic; movement everywhere, leading not to "being," merely, but to that "becoming" which as it is the noblest, so also is it the most scientific conception of the universe; so also the most in harmony with religious feeling, since it gives evidence of the Intelligence back of the phenomena, and some idea of the magnificence and glory of that Intelligence—some idea—"of God moving in his majesty and power," since he must be thought upon as immanent in the universe by his spirit.

It should be remembered, too, in passing, that the Book Abraham containing this conception of our universe having a center around which the world-systems, including our own, revolve in orderly procession, was published before our modern astronomers had advanced the idea of the movement among what hitherto had been regarded as "the fixed stars" but which now is very generally conceded and explained by them.

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