Church meeting with Joseph and Sidney Rigdon; wine is served in sacrament.

Feb 7, 1836
Personal Journal / Diary
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Paraphrase

February 7, 1836, Journal, 1835–1836, pp. 151–152, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed August 11, 2021

Warren Parrish
Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Smith, Jr.

Sunday Feby 7. 1836 attended the meeting at the us[u]al hour the quorums, were seated according to their official standing in the church,— The Bishop of Zion and his counsellors ocupied the fore noon in confession and exortation— The Bishop of Kirtland and his counsellors, occupied, the stand in the afternoon,— the discourses of these two quorums were verry interesting, a number of letters of commendation were presented and read, a vote called and all received into the church in Kirtland,—bread was broken and blessed, and while, it was passing President [Sidney] Rigdon, commenced speaking from Acts 2d and continued about 15, minuits. his reasoning was cogent,— the wine was then blessed and passed after which meeting, dismissed— at evening meet with the presidency in the loft of the Printing-office, in company with the presidency of the 70, to chose other 70. also— Blessed one of the Zion brethren,— dismissed and retired—

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