Joseph Smith Translation of Mark 14; Jesus drinks wine.

Nov 1831 - Feb 1832
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Verbatim

"New Testament Manuscript 2," (Mark 14), 39–40, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed July 1, 2021

Sidney Rigdon
Sidney Rigdon, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Jr.

And as they did eat, Jesus took bread and blessed it, and break, and gave to them, and said, Take it, and eat; Behold, this is for you to do in rememberence of my body; for as oft as ye do this you will remember this hour that I was with you. And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave <​it to​> them; to drink and they all drank of it. And he said unto them, This is in rememberence of my blood which is shed for many, and the new testament which I give unto you; for of me, ye shall bear record unto all the world. And as oft as ye do this ordinence, you will remmember me in this hour that I was with you, and drank with you of this cup, even the last time in my ministry. Verily I say unto you, Of this ye shall bear record; for I will no more drink of the fruit of the vine with you, untill that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

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