George Q. Cannon talks about WoW "revivals."

Oct 15, 1883
George Q. Cannon

George Q. Cannon, "Editorial Thoughts," Juvenile Instructor 18, no. 20 (October 15, 1883): 312

Juvenile Instructor
George Q. Cannon
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Considerable has been said of late — and especially during this conference — concerning the Word of Wisdom. We confess to a feeling almost akin to shame at hearing this urged upon the Priesthood at this late date. Have we not had experience enough in the benefits which flow from the observance of these wise counsels of the Lord to observe these simple laws of health? It seems extraordinary that there should have to be so much preaching upon this subject, especially among men and women who have experience in the Church and in life. We can understand the necessity of teaching children upon this subject and dwelling upon its importance to them; but to be constantly having "revivals," as they may be termed, among the older members of the com- munity seems to us a necessity which should not exist. Now we are having a little spurt of zeal upon this subject. Men bearing the Priesthood are resolving once more to keep the Word of Wisdom. They will probably urge their families to do so likewise. But how long will this last? Will the zeal die out after a little and they drop back into the old habits until another spurt of zeal takes possession of them? This has been the case in the past. We would like for the sake of Zion that this may be a permanent reform, and that, at least among the Priesthood, there will be no further occasion to make new resolves upon this subject. It seems worse than child's play to be constantly making resolves in this direction and constantly breaking them. The Word of Wisdom ought either to be obeyed or not to be obeyed.

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